Nexity Housing - LAN

Proyecto: Apartamentos Nexity
Arquitecto: LAN Design
Localizacion: Paris, Francia
Superficie Construccion: 7,000 m2
Status: Proyecto

El despacho de arquitectos "LAN Design" nos muestra la propuesta que presentaron para el concurso "Nexity Housing" consistente de un edificio de 120 apartamentos en la ciudad de Paris, Francia. A continuacion la memoria descriptiva en su idioma original.

The analysis of client ambitions, the specificity of the plot, which presents exceptional qualities due to its bordering position to the park facing South and West, as well as the outstanding direct sights on Paris, drove our researches towards a compact and vertical morphology.

The project compactness, inherited from urban choices, is the occasion to reach very high thermal performances. The envelope is like a thermos flask, with a minimum of accidents interrupting insulation continuity. The volume simplicity opposes a rich and meticulous work of the facades treatment. The facade consists of two superimposed layers. The first layer, drawn by metallic structures, allows energy production through photovoltaic panels, works as a balustrade and plays the role of a sun breaker, regulating solar contributions all year long.

This double skin creates a climatic zone playing a thermal role thanks to air preheating and the limitation of intermediate floors linear thermal bridges. A particular care will be brought to the hanging treatment of the double skin on the facade to limit the punctual thermal bridges formation.



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