ORDOS 100 - I|K Studio

Proyecto: Ordos 100 Lote 55
Arquitecto: I|K studio
        Mariana Ibanez
        Simon Kim
Colaboradores: Chris Shusta, Anthony Dimari, Juta Cinco, Aimee Epstein, Michael Powers, Elizabeth Bishop, Carnaven Chiu
Localizacion: Mongolia, China
Estructura: Paul Kassabian
Proyecto: 2008
Construccion: 2009
Superficie Construccion: 1,000 m2

Dando continuidad al proyecto Ordos 100, presentamos la vivienda 4-2-1 que presenta I|K Studio. Esta villa se localizara en el lote 55.

Texto Original presentado por I|K Studio:
Our design strategy begins with the articulation of the landscape in a system of terraces bound by measurement. All edges are vectors that have an origin, direction and magnitude. As such, they can be used to process a third vector that is a cross-product. The derived verticals are not only markers of mathematical models but are here used as a design tool.

An extension of the vector cross-product, the house is a collection of terraced fields that adhere to the programmatic elements of the 1000sqm house; composed in a specific manner to allow for a serial unfolding of tableaux that generate views of the house in a cinematic sequence. House 4-2-1 is composed in a movement of four to two to one that progress from the ground where there are 4 separate towers that climb upwards to two towers, and combine into the final, single level. This simple system of bifurcation is amplified by the programmatic divisions that challenge the organization of a typical house.



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